Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There is little difference between the original Ponzi Scheme and today's MLM scams like biopro.

<- Click on the image and visit Wikipedia to read about the original Ponzi and his scam.

What should stand out to you is the very 1st sentence:
"A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying abnormally high returns to investors out of the money paid in by subsequent investors, rather than from the profit from any real business."

The abnormally high cost to get involved in an MLM like biopro as a distributor goes right to the top of the company. This also includes those investments by former top distributors of MLM's whom have created enough wealth to open a satellite office for biopro - paying abnormally high returns to investors out of the money paid in by subsequent investors.

There is very little employment and structural overhead to maximize their profit margin. Most scam MLM's are heavy executive and light customer support; it doesn't take much to push inexpensive products at an extremely marked up price - returns to investors out of the money paid in by subsequent investors, rather than from the profit from any real business.

Structurally, MLM's like biopro is in the range of 90+ percent of all profit stays at executive levels internally and distributorship's and a small percentage is divided up to low skilled low paid customer support of which is "always short staffed". Then they create what we like to call "new math" and this is how they convince you the company is making nothing off the products and new sign-ups when in fact it is still in the 90+ percent range. Once the company starts to or becomes successful it will continue to keep its average between execs, distributors and staff and once the scam reaches a level to pay themselves out they do.

Bottom line here is that biopro is in this FOR THE MONEY; not to save us all from EMF and EMR. That is just their snake oil in the sale of a gift package that only they will unwrap at Christmas.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The evils of corruption are not just in Government - there are plenty of private companies that exercises extreme disregard of un-checked and un-questioned power.

We can continue to point our fingers but we should all take a look in the mirror. We have all allowed these devils of money and power get away with it for far too long! We have bought into the ideas of "Government Solutions" as much as we have purchased scam products from companies like biopro whom make outlandish claims of protection from EMF/EMR. You have all seen this before in other MLM's; diet pills, miracle brain power and the rest. Have the courage to admit you were scammed, blow the whistle, vote them out and shut them down!!!

Before we can correct Washington and rid our private sector of companies like biopro, we need to correct ourselves by educating ourselves of the real problem which is our willingness to fall for snake oil. Now is the time to hold ourselves accountable and correct the evils of our society! Again, as we have pointed out over and over on this Blog about biopro; "it does not get more evil than when people like Ray Grimm exploits organizations like Child Help to push an unprovable product for an unsubstantiated claim about EMF/EMR. An obvious scare tactic under the idea of 'saving the children' " - that is just a low and disgusting tactic. This is absolutely the HEIGHT of evil because its rooted in their own greed and selfishness to continue their riches off the backs of the susceptible.

You are being ripped off, fleeced and scammed for THEIR GAINS. There is no differences between biopro and the corruption we are all witnessing in Washington - they make you think your getting a good deal or being protected until you find out when its too late they have scammed you out of your money.

Friday, August 8, 2008


It is time to take a look at one of biopro's last items on their scam list; bio-produce is by their own claim a supplement of the nutrients your body does not receive in our every day diet. Of course this is just another lie biopro has propagandized for greedy profits.

These old hasbeens running this company must literally think the public mindset is living in the 1700's when the public was generally dumb (uninformed). Back then the mass production of produce was impossible and variety did not exist. In fact most people lived short lives due to not having the proper nutrients - eating mostly simple fools like potatoes and bread. Only the wealthy were privileged to have the fruits of the Earth. Biopro is capitalizing on a false belief popular today that we have destroyed the top soil, the soil has been drained of most nutrients and that we are buying unhealthy produce riddled with EVIL pesticides. I'm sorry but all chemicals made by man comes from Earth right? When used correctly they are safe and provide a "controlled" method of mass production. Biopro trots in "alternative medicine" clowns in their meetings with doom and gloom theory's about pesticides. People if these were real doctors they would not be wasting their time in an MLM meeting. Biopro makes the asinine claim they have found the Holly Grail of land to grow their fruits and vegetables on which is 100% pesticide free. 1st of all, this is impossible due to the composition of soil - the Earth has natural levels off all the same chemicals we make in concentration. We do this because we test the soil then replenish the soil when its deficient providing a balance soil for growing. American farming today has never been more technological and safe at every level and is providing all of us as well as most of the world a level of produce quality our bodies can not even fully absorb as pointed out in a recent Science Channel story by "reputable" doctors. The report pointed out that artificial nutrients through pills and liquids do not increase our bodies nutrients do to a limitation in our bodies absorption ability. Our bodies can only absorb so much from ingestion. The story also pointed out that today the human race is over supplemented and wasting a lot of money on supplements which go right through us with no effect at all. The nutrients we receive in every day food is more than our bodies can absorb and the fact we are absorbing all the nutrients needed is obvious when you simply reference today's life expectancy.

Back to the claim by biopro their pills are engineered from the most nutrient rich soil in the world. Biopro has mentioned a location is in upstate NY which is yet another lie! It is a proven fact that the Delta Island's in the upland basin of the California Bay Area has the most nutrient rich soil in the world. In fact, on a hot summer day and dry dirt there are areas where you can literally light the dirt on fire. Farmers have stated that sparks from their tractors have caused fires in the middle of a dirt field. It will burn just like pure alcohol does in a race car, invisibly. So biopro makes these claims with their products and you are expected to take biopro at their word because they know most people will not verify. As an MLM company they can make these outlandish claims and put anything on their labels because Biopro can not be held accountable. Again as stated on their site, this crap is not approved by the FDA. Then top all the known facts off with the biopro leap about their pills being charged with their phony science just makes it all so illogical it can only be describe as blasphemy. Unfortunately, sometimes when you make something sound so ridiculous it becomes believable and thus fuel a scam company.

Pesticides vs. organic from biopro can be disputed from many many sources but one credible study which we found interesting states that organic is not more nutrient rich. That pesticides when used properly are perfectly safe and healthy.

Read the University of Copenhagen study.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


You can fool some of the people all of the time; but you can not fool all of the people all of the time!

There is not a more perfect example of this than a private individual whom lives near Ray Grimm in the exclusive area of Rancho Santa Fe California. A person without a formal education in the area of EMF or EMR but with enough desire to find out about the "dangers" biopro alerted the public about. But you see, while biopro was making it look like they were opposed they were really trying to strike a deal with the cell phone companies to attaching their chips to the cell towers for yet more profits from a scam product. This didn't go over well, the cell tower makers didn't fall for this obvious scam and told biopro to pound sand! Biopro wants their cake and eat it to. These towers were to be strategically placed around the Rancho Santa Fe area to improve the cell coverage. Biopro would have sold a lot of their chips and possible created residual revenue tied to them in their desperate greed for money but what biopro did not factor in was the desire and awareness of the educated public to stop this scam in its tracks!

A man by the name of Richard Russell educated himself, went to these meetings and with many other self educated as well as formally educated people they stopped biopro from capitalizing on their scam.

Richard Russell to tell you the story and also explain in his own words of which he so eloquently does on his site at http://web.mac.com/rgrussell/Smirnov/Home.html

Monday, July 7, 2008


George Carlo now sees the obvious about biopro and Ray Grimm the CEO; this is a ruthless and shady MLM but this is not an excuse for George Carlo!

This has been a long mulled over, refined and re refined post for us to launch. Knowledge of disassociation between biopro and Carlo was over a year ago but we chose to allow the whole ordeal to play out till the bitter end. It is now clear our time has come to step in since both parties do not seem to be telling the truth.

The Carlo Angle
Surprisingly as this may be, most of the "public" disinformation seems to be coming from Carlo right now as he distances himself. He shamelessly excuses himself for abandoning biopro with his "newly found enlightenment of the truth about biopro's long known bogus science". Plain and simple, this is just crap! Carlo had plenty investigative meetings with biopro, he had plenty of time to become very familiar with biopro's science prior to his support and if not he is not qualified to be a Doctor! Now all of a sudden this highly intelligent "Doctor" was duped by a bunch of slick MLM'ers as he portrays in his site? Hardly! Maybe that might be possible because Ray Grimm and Alfred Hanser are very good at marketing scientific realities and packaging them in convoluted bullshit science but what does this say about Carlo and his own claims of cell phone safety? It means he is no more qualified to make such outlandish claims of cell phone dangers than some scam MLM company.

Just as all alliances biopro or any company creates, the alliance with George Carlo must have been open and making Carlo fully aware and informed of biopro, their products and the science. It is an insult to our intelligence to insinuate this was an oversight by Mr. Carlo or that he was misled by biopro. Well, maybe he was mislead by biopro but Carlo fully accepted the biopro cool aid and probably did so for pure financial reasons of which biopro's CEO probably promised Carlo. Carlo spoke in great detail about the products and science in many of biopro's recruiting meetings you can see in full detail at YouTube. Yet, Carlo describes in several of his news releases such as the PowerWatch.org article; "I deeply regret the misleading message that is portrayed in two videos of my image being shown on YouTube by people from Biopro Technology."

Carlo then goes on to say in the PowerWatch news site; "In 2005, when the data were presented to us at the Safe Wireless Initiative, we took it at face value -- we took Biopro and Smirnov at their words. We erred. And, unfortunately did not make it a priority to perform the proper due diligence with independent testing until the middle of last year."

Took it at "FACE VALUE"!? Are you not a "DOCTOR" sir!? As we stated, biopro presented to Carlo and combined forces with Carlo's Safe Wireless Initiative Organization and Carlo had plenty of opportunity and time to perform his "due-diligence" over the few years he was involved. He did nothing of the sort because he knew what we all know and he is avoiding to say it - it is impossible to test biopro's science without exposing the truth of it being a fraud and why would he do that and lose possibly millions. In fact, it is just impossible to test their products at all! Does anyone know where biopro conducts their tests and where the lab is? We're confident Carlo would never perform due-diligence as long as he had any hopes of a huge payout in the long run; after all, money talks and that's what MLM's are all about right? These people all made great bed fellows which is why this departure has obvious undertones to a more legally serious issue behind it in our opinion. They were all in this for the money and we suspect there was a serious issue possibly even a legal issue that spooked Carlo. We are reluctant to say this but congratulations Carlo on seeing the light.

The BIOPRO Angle
Mums the word... publicly. Biopro had to explain this "bye bye Carlo" issue very delicately to all their top distributors and we are positive this did not go over well. Many whom are no longer running their biopro Pyramid scam or are but very limited had to of become extremely pissed off about this. Possibly because they know Ray Grimm very well and have watched his blunders with biopro decisions since 1995 starting with their Gas Chip failure to their sudden without reason the Lynda Cormier "dismissal". We are confident that Ray Grimm and Alfred Hanser gave a great bullshit reason for Carlo's departure but can not cover up the fact Carlo has thrown both of these scammers under the biopro bus with his public dismissal. We believe this relationship broke up over a money dispute which is why biopro has stayed silent and it all probably breached the line of illegality so to Carlo's credit, he walked away from biopro.

Moral of this Post
Carlo has known the truth or had to of known about the bullshit science; biopro and Carlo made similar monetary calculations to stuff tons of money in their back pockets but scams do not pay!

Update (6/10/08)

Is Carlo continuing to expose biopro's false science?
Before you read what we are going to point out and before we start retracting everything said about Carlo on this Blog, we want to emphasize our steadfast belief that Carlo knew exactly what he was getting into with biopro. Come on, an MLM company providing a solution for EMF? Hell no! Carlo knew... and we do not believe for one minute that a doctor whom claims can prove cell phones are unsafe could not see that an MLM company doesn't have real science behind their products.

That said, Dr. Carlo should be given credit as he has posted new info indirectly scathing and discounting the very technology biopro markets in their products. Though biopro is not mentioned in this "Medical Alert" on Carlo's Safe Wireless site, the obvious finger pointing and insinuation is blatantly clear.

Carlo states; "We fear that consumers are being lured into a false sense of security by their use of widely-available products purporting to prevent disease – causing consumers to unknowingly compound the effects of dangerous exposures by increasing their use of wireless devices.".

You do need to take the time to read Carlo's complete Medical Alert. We are summing this up as, products marketed with the clear intent to insinuate they provide safety from EMRfont> using questionable science could only be a product from a company like bioprofont>, which makes bioprofont> DANGEROUS according to Carlo.

Update (6/28/08)
Biopro finally reacts!

This is a solid and definitive sign this company is on their way to bankruptcy and Justice for All! A distributor has posted an email sent out to all distributors by Ray Grimm after an "emergency conference call" on Saturday June 28th. In biopro's synopsis of that call they expose their desperate attempt to explain away Ray Grimm's massive screw up as well as their extremely lame attempt to turn the tables on Carlo and pull themselves out from under the biopro bus. The funny thing is, this was two crooks at odds with their own deals, how damn ironic is that!

This is a great sign because after more than a year of near silence from biopro they are now forced to tell their distributors "the biopro truth". We think its obvious, they have lost HUGE in new sign-ups and have also lost enough "top level distributors" to hurt them financially. This was a desperate attempt to keep their statuesque, an attempt to put it to rest and a great sign that they may be on the verge of going out of business. If not they would have continued to stay in silent mode.

This is also proof that scams do not pay anymore and that desperate desires for making quick and easy money no longer works in today's world of the Internet.

Read their lame email here: http://bioproscam.wordpress.com/

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Is this technology/science behind biopro's products; "ERT" or their new technology "MERT" or even our newly discovered "SRT" real? Biopro and other scammers want you to believe it is because without it, they are just selling over priced jewelery!

We have searched medical libraries, online scientific sources and even Wikipedia... NOTHING! We can not find a single source to verify this so called science besides biopro, other MLM's, quack "health science doctors" and some rouge distributor Web sites which is not credible sources. All the info we found just repeated the exact or similar biopro propaganda.

One of the most popular sites on the Web which indexes information and has a very strict submission process for information such as biopro's claimed science, Wikipedia, is completely vacant of any information on this so called science. This is strange because biopro has been pushing this science since at least 2005 - plenty of time for them to get this indexed in Wikipedia. You would think they would want this in a Wiki ASAP so they can back up their claims instead of using their obviously phony peer review sites. Go ahead, click on the following link and give it a shot yourself... http://www.wikipedia.org/ type in MERT or ERT.

The way Wiki articles work is, you post your item and definition and Wikipedia verifies your claims. OH WAIT, That's it! Wiki "verifies" their information posted and this must be where biopro's problem is... it can't be verified! So if Wikipedia can not verify the science and post it, it can not be found on any reputable medical or science oriented Web sites, would you conclude it makes this science completely phony and the MLM marketers of such unverified science scam artists and frauds? We absolutely think this is the fact.

Thanks to MLM's like biopro there is now more replicas coming out of the woodwork using a similar FRAUD technology. This was obviously bound to happen because when you can create an "idea" like EMF DANGERS you can then create a fake science like ERT, MERT and SRT just as the pros at biopro or earthcalm did. They package it in an MLM and market it with slick lingo because MLM's are not regulated like all other industries as long as they post their little disclaimers... "not FDA approved". These scam artists also know enough people will fall for it to make them rich, their gambling on a small percentage but large enough for multi millions of dollars. So just as biopro ripped their idea off from Q-Link we now have more companies ripping off biopro like MLM's and creating a more pressing danger than any EMF - its called FRAUD! Here is another newly created science called "SRT". This pusher of SRT is a company called EarthCalm and like biopro has placed their disclaimer of "not FDA approved" on their site. We can now say this EMF idea is just out of control.

Our public service is to expose this company biopro since they are the leaders in this EMF danger idea. We intend to expose them from every angle and show that it is the made up science and those behind this science, or the lack thereof, why you should avoid this MLM scam. Once one company is stopped then they will all fall like a house of cards. We call on our Government to stop dropping the ball on regulating the TRUE "big evil corporations" whom are creating bogus science all in the name of profits and pure greed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


CNN's Larry King- May 27th, 2008: "Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?"

This "hype" story from CNN's Larry King Live exposes biopro's fraudulent claims contradicting the FDA that cell phones are unsafe. Based on the lack of evidence about cell phones, the fact the FDA is ensuring cell phones are NOT dangerous and all this exposed in this CNN story you also have to conclude that biopro's claims behind their products are an even greater false and unsubstantiated scam. After you see this story or read the transcripts we are going to show you the complete hype being created and an ironic twist of karma for biopro.

In a quick setup to our points, there was one biopro cool-aid sounding doctor in the interview, Dr. Khurana. He spouted all the same biopro training propaganda of an epidemic greater in scale than the dangers of cigarettes. This man's unfounded and speculative self proclaimed "findings" has contributed to the biopro fuel and has been used by biopro to support their theory of EMF dangers so as to market, sell and exploit the American consumer for their own greed. You will find all over the Web stories published about this man's speculations of cell phone dangers but all in specific language such as; "there is a significant and increasing body of evidence for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumors". Notice he does not say; "there is absolute evidence"? In all the published readings we have found this doctor is slick with his words, as slick as biopro which make us believe their is some link between the two. Keep vigilant about how this doctor, others like him and biopro use their words; possible, growing evidence (not absolute evidence), can double the risk (not IS doubling the risk) and more deliberately deceptive play on words. You also need to know that this is one man. Their are many other experts that not only disagree with this doctor but have their own findings which is in direct contradiction to Khurana. Here is a statement; Late last week, the Mobile Operators Association dismissed Khurana's study as "a selective discussion of scientific literature by one individual". It believes he "does not present a balanced analysis" of the published science, and "reaches opposite conclusions to the WHO and more than 30 other independent expert scientific reviews".

The lawyer, Joanne Suder, well she exposes her own personal desire and obvious agenda within her argument to sue the next big trumped up scam. The problem the doctor and this lawyer is going to have is defending their views against the majority. A majority which is supported by the National Cancer Institute as well as many other very reputable organizations. CNN's guest doctors were all affirming our point that their are no positive links to tumors caused by cell phones or that there is an EMF epidemic. All of the lawsuits have been dismissed or thrown out due to a lack of concrete evidence. Now let's break this 1 hour story show you the truth in their own words.

The Story

Please take the time to read the complete CNN transcript via our link above or none of what we are going to expose here will make sense.

  • The first outrageous statements reveling how lame these correlation attempts are came from Joanne Suder, an attorney of course; "After Dr. Newman was diagnosed and began treatment, his own physicians made the correlation between his longtime cell phone use and his cancer." This is NOT scientific evidence! This is an OPINION, a very dangerous one at that! She goes on to state; "He also has documented, unfortunately, nine years of a vast amount of cell phone use, and his terminal tumor is located in the exact anatomical location where the radiation from the cell phone emitted into his skull." Again, this is NOT scientific evidence! This is a lawyer trying to make a case!
Larry goes on to ask if they are up against it in their case based on the lack of concrete evidence and points out that 8 or 9 years ago Larry had on his show someone who lost a lawsuit based on this same premise. Joanne responds with two points so lets break them down in real terms because she is inadvertently exposing the truth we have been exposing on our Blog.
  • Joanne responds; "Larry, when you say the lack of concrete evidence, that to me is really outrageous, because, number one, the field of brain tumors is not telecommunications, it's medical oncology."
What is outrageous in this statement she gives is the total ignoring of and denial of ALL the medical oncology except what fits her agenda. The only "lack of concrete evidence" is in the "view" showing correlations. It is irresponsible to take a single side to a "theory" and turn it into an agenda for personal gain which is exactly what she does. This is also what biopro is doing by taking this point of view and creating a so called solution to an issue that also can't be proven.

Blinded by her agenda, her follow up statement validates our point. She incites that its the level of the accusation that's more important and should be considered more factual than science!
  • Joanne's second point; "Number two, whenever you're dealing with scientists, they're always going to tell you something is possible. You know, they want a mathematical certainty, and we are dealing with a law case, and under the law it's -- it is a preponderance of the evidence, and clearly in this case, all of the evidence excludes any other cause of cancer and points only to the radiation, and the industries own self studies that they funded also prove that there is a correlation, a high degree of correlation. between brain tumors and excessive cellular use." What!? Yes Joanne, in science something IS always "possible" but it is through science we establish known facts or a "majority" consensus accepted as fact! To use your own language, it is the preponderance of evidence, the very evidence that does not exist in your argument! So no, it is NOT clear or does your statement show ANY evidence cell phone use caused this cancer. If it were true the majority if not all the doctors on the show and in the medical community would have provided the absolute proof in which they did not! In fact, these doctors reaffirmed our point there is no, none, zero, NADA evidence that can link cell phone EMF to brain tumors and cancer.
  • Then Larry King asks the typical leftist "rope-a-dope" question; "So there's no doubt that there is radiation in the cell phone?". any 5th grader could have asked this and is an obvious attempt to make this a story Larry wants. Larry is showing his bias being on the side of the lawyer and accuser and vacant of any balance. Thank God the doctors kept driving their point of no evidence or Larry and this lawyer would have tried the cell phone industry right on the show.
Unprofessional statements like this from people with way too much influence and blatant agendas in mass media is dangerous and a crime! This was an absolute attempt to fuel an unprovable idea in which companies like biopro and crackpot lawyers could use to exploit.

Mr. Newman sites his usage which amounted to an average cell phone user. Bellow average for teenager's that are now well into their adult years giving them a solid 10 years of cell phone use; "where is the epidemic biopro"? Wouldn't the epidemic already start to appear with hundreds of thousands of people especially from those of us whom have been using them for 20 years or more? We do know cell phones have been in public use long enough to show a link if it were true. According to biopro, kids are the most vulnerable because they still have "developing skulls" and their undeveloped heads allow more cell phone radio waves to penetrate. So it goes without saying this group could be showing signs in less than 10 years? We don't see an epidemic because this is all just more bullshit to push a false product for profit!

Joanne states she has never owned a cell phone and will not until they are safe. Hey Joanne! Give biopro a call because they can make your cell phone safe! Well let's be clear here... the "cell phone" will not be safer because the biopro science does not work like that. It only works with your body like kryptonite to Superman. The phone is kryptonite and their products are charged with Area 51 technology which makes you stronger than Superman. You will have to allow biopro to explain since they are the ones that made this shit up. We also suggest that you have a scientist with you as an interpreter as well as to test their products to make sure they work and if you do find they work please send us the evidence!

Larry King took a propaganda page right out of the biopro handbook by letting callers call in and give "testimonials". Biopro is famous for using this type of propaganda when explaining their science. This is the lowest form of "insinuation cloaked as validation".

Motorola and Verizon provided their statements as well. Of course the nut bags that still believe in biopro's conspiracy theories of a cover-up shunned this; but for the rest of us we got validation the right people in both the medical industry and the Government are doing their jobs to protect us. All sighting evidence from absolutely credible medical organizations confirming cell phones are safe.

In Perspective
This all just wreaks of a new Global Warming platform to exploit the public. We know this as fact because Alfred Hanser floated the G.W. comparison balloon to a cell phone safety epidemic in several biopro meetings. We are witnessing the creation of the next Global Warming hysteria which can only be interpreted as an assault on America by purely greedy exploiters. Exploiters of our open and free market economy, our law and our way of life. The "sky is falling" types like biopro and their attacks on "big evil corporate America" while at the same time big evil corporate biopro markets themselves as some sort of solution to their claimed dangers of cell phones and yet is immune to being one of these corporations is outrageous! For all the sleazy trial lawyers this is just a new ambulance to chase and exploit!

The truth is, biopro and the owners are just opportunists that seen a topic which fits their history of MLM fraud and as the good marketers they are took advantage by exploiting it for their own personal gain. They cloaked themselves via their marketing as good and honest people just trying to help "save the children" and MADE UP a product and science to package their fraud. Our society and culture unfortunately has become accustomed to pointing their fingers at someone or something to blame even if the evidence doesn't exist. The only thing worse than finger pointers are those people that see an opportunity to exploit the situation and ripoff those vulnerable to believing it.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Let's go back in time to the QX-3 where absolute proof of biopro's scam was exposed. Ray Grimm was so quick to jump on any product that could bring him large sums of quick money for his new company, he must have forgot to test it! More than likely he really didn't care and made a scam calculation. Possibly a typical gig corporate calculation like Microsoft has been accused of; "Let the consumer test it, if it works we'll keep it. If it does't it will "buy" us time and bring enough revenue to create the next piece of crap". So the biopro gas chip was exposed when people found real numbers unchanged, when they expected a 15% increased gas savings and did not.

We are coming back to an old product because it is extremely important to expose and remind people of this blunder by biopro. This was the product that drove most of us away from biopro and writing Blog's like this one. This product proved ERT was a scam science and MERT, their new convoluted redefined ERT science, could also not work!

To some of you like us this image looks familiar and if so you’re a veteran with this company and you already know that biopro dropped this product for obvious reasons... it didn’t work because numbers do not lie!

This product proved itself and biopro to be a scam from the very beginning through real basic science. When you apply these stickers to your tank, calculate the proposed savings... you are still getting the same gas mileage!

Biopro can lie or distort the truth but they can’t lie about numbers and this product using their so called ERT technology just did not show real numerical proof it worked. Once Ray noticed all the complaints, returns and a drop in revenue he quickly pulled it off the shelf before everyone could catch on to this fraud. They shifted and became more focused on products that have a more convoluted description, no real world technology testing ability and can not be proved or disproved. So does it not go without saying that all their products are frauds and scams using ERT or even the new invention MERT? Yes it does and you see folks, in science, it either is or it is not and beyond that it’s just a "theory" based on consensus. This is where biopro operates from, the theoretical equation. For example, the existence of God can no more be proved than it can be disproved. This company believes that "perception is reality" and they aggressively push this point of view in their products marketing for the greediest of outcomes. You could say they have created their own religion.

Bottom line is this product is absolute proof biopro science is a fraud. That the owners demonstrate conscious and deliberate malice in pushing a product they had to know was B.S.. And one can only conclude that biopro is only rooted in greed for massive profits and does not care their technology works or not because they keep inventing more products based onthe same science which does not have to be verified by the FTC, FDA or FCC. Its sold via MLM and there is little to no regulations on companies like biopro... YET.

This product exposed their fraud "scientifically"! For more verification take a look at this: http://www.carqna.com/auto/153-2-carqna.html

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Biopro tries to validate their products through crazy scientists with mad theories - but these are not scientists!

It is clear now with Dr. Carlo abandoning biopro he must have gotten too close to biopro’s “bottom line”. So the biopro mad scientist search is on and the winner whack jobs are? Dr. Howard Fisher, Dr. Nick Begich and Dr. Smirnov. Giving some credit to biopro for trying to find a legitimate scientist/doctor, Begich is a natural born U.S. Citizen. The problem with Begich is that he has educated himself outside the U.S. which does not lend 100% credibility to him based on the lack of standards in most foreign educational systems. But he has educated himself enough to know that he can get away with his “wiled eyed” science theories and far fetched beliefs as well as anti American crap as well as unfounded conspiracies he writes in his publishing's. All of course in countries with much less standards. In his case, little to no standards of Sri Lanka. There seems to be a pattern with biopro to seek scientists with 2 distinct traits.

1. They show signs of hatting the U.S. enough to create a false issue to capitalize on.
2. They have the same burning desire to make lots of money through an MLM.

Who is Dr. Howard Fisher?
Biopro’s new leading self discrediting “Canadian” alternative doctor. Yes, "alternative doctor", can we realy call them a doctor or are they just "practitioners"? Are you seeing a pattern with biopro locating so called doctors from outside the United States, people not being remotely credible to talk about science on the level biopro claims their science works on? This seems to be a huge disconnecting fact.

Visit this page in biopro’s site http://www.bioprotechnology.com/The_Problem.aspx and listen to this double talking doctor make outrageous leaps, contradictions and outright lies then you will hear the sound of an alliance with an MLM company that is probably paying him large amounts of money about science he probably does not believe in himself. Yes, money does make people bias and corrupt.

Also take a look at the page reference links, of course all from non U.S. sources again and all not from credible organizations. Just more examples that this company can’t find anyone to support their claims from the most scientifically advanced and knowledgeable country known to the human race, the United States.

First, you need to know that biopro is conducting this interview in-house with a biopro paid consultant by the name of Tammy. Another self discrediting piece by someone with ties and extensive knowledge of the MLM industry working for biopro. So she is not an un-bias 3rd party interviewer and is well versed in MLM marketing so as to conduct these interviews for biopro exactly how biopro needs them. She has the experience to orchastrate and doctor them up (pun intended) so as to make sure they portray exactly what biopro needs them to portray; for marketing purposes only and not to save the human race from EMF. Clearly for monetary reasons ONLY!

Details about this audio

- Note at how they site and reference without naming. Peer reviews that Mr. Fisher has contributed to but does not name them.

- Mr. Fisher is a “health” doctor which is a key discrediting point.

- As also pointed out in this blog, biopro can not legitimize themselves like every pharmaceutical company or cell phone company. They can’t prove to the right regulatory groups their products work, this is why they are an MLM company and stage everything from a marketing standpoint using propaganda such as "the dangers of EMF".

- He says AC current created by Tesla in 1895, Tesla realized he created a monster. How is this possibly during a period of history when it was still impossible to apply his invention to a working model especially in mass consumption? Tesla was a genius but not a fortune teller and to imply he could foresee a so called monster is more biopro propaganda! He goes on to say that everything we use electrically is dangerous and harmful, that we are electrical beings ourselves and that all the electrical currents man made is dangerous to our electrical system. Bullshit and what double talk! We are electrical and over the last 200 plus years we have gradually created more AC currents, would it not go without saying that our “electrical bodies” have adapted to this gradual progression? Also, electricity is not bias! It does not distinguish a "good" frequency from a "bad" one. There is just no such thing! They are just frequencies that work within their own spectrum - not effect us and our own frequency. Besides, most of our own frequency is just body heat. Take a look at some of biopro so called "biofield" images and you are seeing our body heat... not a "biofield". This man sounds a lot like the Al Gore propaganda – propagating the idea of "man mad" problems so these people can extort money for EMR.

- He then goes into his research and starts sighting more bogus Carlo science, science Carlo has already discredited himself. Then Tammy makes the calculated reference biopro likes to exploit all the time, “what about the danger to children”. Biopro always comes to this statement when they have lacking and vacant information which you can plainly hear form Fisher whom sites ZERO resources.

- After the children question from Tammy we hear him bring up the “GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY”. This is where he loses the audience, the audience with common sense and we had to listening because this is all that's needed to conclude this audio. A Canadian doctor making claims to a US Government conspiracy… is this a pattern by biopro of being anti American for the Old’ Mightily Dollar. It must be some level of anti American thought if a company is willing to stretch the realm of reality for a profit.

Note: If you finished listening to the audio you hear him reference Carlo, all the same rhetoric and propaganda of the FCC being paid off by the cell phone companies to push cell phones on the market. How we are all a bunch of duped consumers blinded to the EMF plague due to our dependence of electricity. This is a typical elitist angel of how we are all morons and if it were not for the GENIUSES at biopro we would have never known the "hiiiiidden daaaangers". They phrase their B.S. scare tactics by staging this so called epidemic with statements like; "fun for children to watch TV". So in order to continue to have fun watching TV and avoid this bogus biopro claimed "massive fatigue placed on our bodies" by telling you the NEED for their products. I’m sorry, if it were making us so fatigued how can I be having fun or even stay awake to watch a 2 hour movie? What a load of crap science and MLM propaganda!

Who is Dr. Nick Begich?
He attended and acquired his so called “degree” from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines. Yes, an “ORGANIZATION” – not a U.S. based University!

Dr. Nick Begich serves as Executive Director of The Lay Institute on Technology, Inc., a Texas non-profit corporation. Who is this? I would say a bottomless pit of financial funding since this institute is owned by THE daughter of Frito-Lay, Inc. Another obvious trust fund baby that has inherited more money than she obviously knows what to do with. Just another elitist that knows more than everyone! You can read about this institute here: http://www.layinstitute.org/src/category.asp?catid=1.

This doctor also has endorsed and contributed to a book that is full of the Military Industrial Complex paranoia. A book called Earth Rising II and you can get a synopsis of this crap here: http://www.alienzoostore.com/servlet/the-155/Dr.-Nick-Begich-Presents/Detail.

This man is also a Global Warming nutcase that endorses a “THEORY” as fact
of the root cause to G.W. being caused by humans. http://freedomisforeverybody.blogspot.com/2007/02/nick-begich-are-you-manchurain.html.

So to sum up this man, there is one more blog that exposes his inability to be of any reputable spokesman for the biopro products or the science: http://9-11themotherofallblackoperations.blogspot.com/2007/10/interesting-fact-in-regard-to-late.html

As you can see and conclude from your own common sense, this blog ties all the above info up. The link to his ties with Dorothy Lay (of the Lays Potato chip fortune), his military complex conspiratorial reasons for his fathers death and his blasphemous theories that man is the cause of Global Warming. We all know ultimately G.W. is an elitists effort to control what you and I can buy, drive and how we live our very lives. For the purpose of this Blog, this is all just another extortion vehicle based on fear to get you to buy into the EMF scam.

Who is Dr. Igor. V. Smirnov?
Biopro seems to have found the replacement to Carlo, for now, because Smirnov holds the patent to MERT and has joined biopro. Just remember, anyone can get a patent for just about anything and this does not lend ANY credibility to their products or prove their products work at all.

You can hear this mad scientist in a YouTube video but don't try to decipher what he is saying in the video, allow us to interpret for you.

His claims on the scam H2O product; "It closely resembles the natural geomagnetic field found near healing water springs". The operative word in that sentence is "resembles" NOT duplicates which means that it really does not do what biopro and Mr. Smirnov are claiming. He claims that this processes "changes the molecular structure of water" but shows zero examples anywhere. I am surprised biopro didn't just design some fake graphics like it seems they have in the past for other products. So their "changing the molecular structure of H20"? Are they adding other elements to do this? Are they allpying extreem heat or cold? No, so how is it that a "magnetic field" changes the structure of H20? All this is unproven science since it relies solely on non-controlled results and really just adds up to more hocus-pocus. Igor was hired by the Russian Government to find a way to replicate what some thought were "healing" spring water. A handful of people that were suffering from the radiation fallout were drinking this so called "miracle water" from natural springs. Igor studied this water and claims he found a magnetic relationship to the waters healing power and the stronger than normal magnetic field in the area which he claims he "replicated" in the form of MERT. So basically biopro finds another scientific genius with Area 51 science! But with all this collective intelligence between biopro and all their so called scientist's, biopro still can't convince the FCC, FDA, FTC or any other credible science community. That's odd isnt it? They have this mirical science to cure people of a physical affliction but no one has launched a massive investigation to bring this theory to market on a mass scale? Yet, biopro continues with their disclaimer on their products and site.

If your buying biopro products at biopro's massively marked up prices, you can get the Water Activator scam at this site (scroll to bottom of page) http://www.cocoonnutrition.org/catalog/page_MRET.php for only $400 vs. the huge biopro price of $927.50. Of course your not getting all the other scam products like 3 VERY expensive spray bottles of water, 2 VERY expensive drinking bottles and the smartest credit card in the world that only seems to work in one direction - from your pockets to biopro's bank. But ask yourself if those items are really worth an additional $527.50... Wow! Biopro should transform their business model into a marketing consulting company to show how to BULLSHIT the most markup and profit margins ever invented.
So with Begich it seems Ray Grimm likes to seek and get comfortable with “extremely” wealthy elite people or anyone linked to such wealth and with Smirnov it seems to be beneficial to continue to use rogue scientists with no credibility behind their science. Also in Smirnov's case it seems there is not much about the man to verify his credibility other than his biopro speech's and sporadic publishing's... basically all crap.

Monday, April 28, 2008


The Government should be investigating Biopro!

It's known that Lynda Cormier's employment ended suddenly, their former motivational spokesperson, similar to their Carlo relationship. We now know some of the reason for Carlo leaving with obvious appearances to deeper suspicions but do we know the truth about Lynda? We know she was given her own down line because some people bellow her we're pretty pissed off about it. So was this part of her severance package and if so, is this not illegal? It was rumored at the time she may have been having an affair with the company president Alfred Hanser whom were seen around the San Diego area. So is biopro showing willingness to violate laws to make sure they survive a P.R. image hit? It is quite possible and you have to ask what else they might be willing to do which a lot about what this company really is. You really need to ask yourself if you want to be involved with an MLM that can not give a straight answer on their science, stages themselves as "Holier than Thou" and treat people based on their own created morals.

Now that we have possible reason to question their business morals, we can also question biopro's claims about their products enforce your “biofield” so as to “protect” you from EMF and EMR but without using the term protect. This is called "splitting hairs" so again, biopro is willing to walk right up to the gates of hell for the all mighty dollar which seems to be biopro’s only God.

Inventing a product and science that can not be explained logically, proved by a single reputable engineer, scientist, doctor, FTC, FDA, FCC or any reputable source shows again they will do anything to just make money!

The year 2008 is the year of the truth for biopro and justice for those that were scammed!

UPDATE (4/26/08)
We got the San Diego Reader Article about Ray Grimm's shady history restored!

UPDATE (4/15/08)
Heads up to all! We now have a sign of real trouble with biopro and victory in sight for the truth!

Like the cliche' goes - if you want to know the truth, follow the money. When a product or service fails to live up to its claims the first sign is a drop in revenue. This is much more than that as biopro has been struggling for well over a year to stay alive.

If you are not aware of Actis Global Ventures, Inc., this is the corporate entity for biopro through which the company is traded on the stock market as a high risk penny stock. As we all know biopro has had a very shady past with how they handled business dealings and partnerships, just ask Mr. Carlo. Now it is showing publicly with biopro going from AGLV.OB to AGLV.PK on the exchange.

What is the stock symbols OB and PK?
PK = Pink Sheets
OB = Over the Counter Bulletin Board

PK means biopro has been "delisted", to use an inaccurate Stock Market word, meaning the stock was removed from the exchange. The reason for this is that biopro didn't stay in compliance with the rules of the exchange it was traded on. NO BIG SURPRISE RIGHT?

Biopro started as 2SIS which failed, then became FemOne which is hanging on by a string to prop up biopro which we can see is also failing. This seems to be a pattern for Ray Grimm the CEO of all these MLM companies and because of this pattern we believe there is every sign of a possible deliberate activity. An activity rooted in making millions and skipping out on investors while all the money stays in the salaries of the corporate team. Many companies have done this and we suspect biopro of doing it as well.

Biopro is erasing their past!
Actively trying to shut us down, removing posted articles from sites that do not favor their image and blocking us from commenting on their YouTube videos which goes to question "THEIR CREDIBILITY!" So to no shock for those of us whom are aware of Ray Grimm – we hope justice will be served soon.

UPDATE (3/15/08)
It seems that the Government may not see biopro in their radar and even if it does would it matter?

Based on this Reuters report, it looks like the Government is dropping the ball on regulating companies.

So you see folks, if the Government can not regulate companies efficiently then how the hell are they going to create such an elaborate cover-up like the lack of testing on cell phones which biopro claims? The short answer is they can’t. The Government can barely manage themselves so its just another ridiculous assertion biopro makes to rope people into their scam.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Biopro wants you to believe that man made EMF is just as pressing a danger and "epidemic" by comparing it to man made global warming. Ironically they are equating their "theory" to another "theory"! Does this not render their products a fraud in an indirect admission their science is only a "theory"?

We have been receiving more and more emails, seeing more and more posts on other blogs and now posts to our blog from biopro distributors equating global warming to biopro's claimed EMF "epidemic" equivalence. This is a parallel Alfred Hanser started putting out in biopro meetings in an obvious effort to grab the hearts of those who believe in man made global warming to "buy" into their fraud. So we are going to make our own comparison but notice we are saying "man made" because this is the current platform of the G.W. debate. We do believe in man made climate change and we think it is a huge fraud to give man God like powers to change the climate. But biopro will do anything they can for a sale and its obvious now by equating one fraud to their own fraud. This is another lame attempt to validate their product and science without using science but a fraudulently created "epidemic" called Global Warming. This very calculated, very deliberate equation has got to be the dumbest calculation biopro has made since the "gas saving fool chip".

Again, we do not subscribe to this politically manufactured fraud G.W. any more than biopro's fraud of their claimed dangerous EMF "epidemic". If you follow the money on G.W. it will lead you right into the hands of "carbon credits" which is a politicians way to disguise a tax. We would like to frame our comparison of the two frauds by providing some proof G.W. is a hoax using common sense.

First, listen to this audio from the Rush Limbaugh show on Michael Crichton and the global warming hoax platform that our Earth is fragile and man is or can destroy it. Of course the Earth is NOT fragile, man can not destroy it and there are much more dangerous EMF's bombarding our bodies from external sources such as the SUN than man made EMF.

The timing for this post to our blog could not have been better or worse in the light of Heston's passing but his voice lives on as we commemorate this lesson with Charlton Heston as the narrator of Crichton's research for the movie Jurassic Park. Of course, we understand after mentioning Rush Limbaugh some of you just had a spasm and have just smashed their keyboard.

We ask you as biopro has asked you about their products and science; have an open mind. This is more than informative, its inspiring about our planet and puts into truthful perspective mans insignificance. Man has the tendency to give himself too much power. Only God can control the climate and destroy all life not man!

Second, delve even further into some sound and rational study by reading "The Case for Skepticism on Global Warming" by; Michael Crichton: http://www.michaelcrichton.net/speech-ourenvironmentalfuture.html

Finally, by using biopro's own comparison this has exposed biopro's inadvertent exposure to their own fraud - one could not find a more perfect irony if one tried. Thank you biopro, your doing the job for us now!

Monday, April 7, 2008


For a company ran by people so concerned with their image, biopro wants to be seen with people like this?

Take a look at the type of people whom make up the biopro “family pyramid tree”!

Hopefully this causes you to stop and think before you get involved with people and a company that attracts “wild-eyed” freaks from the 60’s whom still believe in just about anything they want… including an EMF epidemic that does not exist and products that do nothing but steal your money.

UPDATE (5/26/08)
So apparently biopro DOES NOT want to be seen with these types of people and their image is extremely important. It looks like biopro is also watching this Blog vigilantly because it only took hours for them to have this "Hot Nude Consultant" remove his post from the linked site above. So biopro is proud of their consultants but only when it benefits them? By taking this page down they are admitting what we are saying; they definitely do not want bad P.R. and will go to any length to erase it. Does this not expose how biopro is more concerned about their image which in their minds is directly related to their profits? Is this not an example of being so concerned - to hell with you distributors if you don't fit biopro's corporate moral mold? This would mean, biopro was more concerned with their image and profits than this distributor's rights to post information he is obviously proud to speak about which happens to be on a nude site.

Obviously biopro wants to have their cake and eat it to because the fact is their science attracts these types of people and they want to continue to say they are a good company with a good cause surround by good and moral people - unless you "expose" the truth. Their revenue must be so much more important which is typical for a "big greedy corporation", a fact they have so desperately tried to mask. Its pretty obvious to us they are both blinded by their own need for profits they will force the removal of people and a page even if they offended him, possibly lose him as a distributor and maybe even violate the law.

So again, signs of biopro covering up their reality and actively trying to stop those of us exposing the truth. From blocking our posts on YouTube video comments to this and more. You see people, they want to be a public company but they do not want public scrutiny.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Someone PLEASE tell us how this “wall plug cover” has ANY effect on the electrical currents in your home.

This thing called the Home Harmonizer is just a socket plug. You could spend all that money on just some simple plastic covers to protect the kids from a shock. With the cost of this think you could buy all your neighbors safety plugs too!

This thing is like plugging a light in with a dead light bulb. The power is still there and still travels through the cord just like it will through the barb in this bull shit product! When the power going to a socket and hits the copper is this miracle copper suppose to dissolve the power or something? Hell no, that's impossible! Show this to any electrical engineer and you will find an engineer rolling on the floor laughing their ass off.

Folks, if it is not as clear to you as the image itself that this is just another product in a line of outrageous scam products from biorpo then you have an agenda which can only be interpreted as a greedy desire to become rich quick just as Ray Grimm has become rich quick exploiting innocent people via an MLM propaganda marketing machine. Come on, you do not have to be an engineer, a scientist or associated in any way to science to figure this out... JUST LOOK AT IT! This is an absolute JOKE!

So you have rendered the power to a plug useless, this does not stop the power from creating an electrically charged copper barb! The power is still there, its now in the copper and what good is that? Is this some kind of biopro's Alien Technology they acquired from Area 51 that makes the electrical current... oops - the "energy" insignificant and safe? Again, hell no! How many times do we need to repeat ourselves with redundant questioning and pointing out simple common sense observations into this companies bogus science before everyone realizes this is just a modern day snake oil company?

Someone from the Government investigate this company, stop this company now and force them to pay back every good intentioned victim!

We would like to thank a former biopro consultant for this image. This person was willing to take their $200 product rip-off and break it open to show the world what was inside another biopro scam product. You can view this persons blog here and their own comments on this: http://bioprohomeharmonizerhoaxwhatsinsideit.blogspot.com/


If the science can not be proven to be real to the FCC, FDA or any Government regulatory entity and biopro must post a disclaimer as ordered by Federal Law on their site then are their products and self proclaimed science not giving people a false sense of security? Would this not make people feel like they can continue to use their cell phones as much or even more if they think their biopro cell chip is protecting them? Keep in mind the sources at biopro marketing this science idea, not one of them hold an Engineering degree or even close to one and this product is being sold via an MLM. AN MLM PEOPLE! So why should we believe them and their claims about their products and science? We would say you are not only taking a huge financial risk but you may also be taking a larger safety risk and further yet a legal risk!

Ray Grimm is a "veteran" pyramid marketer and that’s all he is. He has surrounded himself with all veteran pyramid marketers. There are no scientists working at biopro or any doctors. If they did have a science background, it could lend some credibility to the creation of and invention of their products. Instead, they have recruited very questionable rouge scientists from inside and outside the US, (mostly outside), that are mainly "wellness" people. In a very lame attempt these wellness people try to lend credibility to this science. No one at biopro is credible or is in ANY position to talk about the science as an expert – ask a “scientific” question and watch them not answer you. So what the hell is this!?

If the science is highly questionable, the validation sources are highly questionable and biopro is definitely questionable... then we can only conclude that biopro has a questionable reason for existence. Lets go back to Ray Grimm's prior endeavors and examine, even his previous companies and involvement was so questionable the San Diego Reader.com news source wrote about their questionable stocks. After you click the link above, scroll down about 3/4 of the page to the paragraph starting with; "Then there's San Diego's hottest stock, FemOne of Carlsbad." This article makes us think that the opportunists at biopro is taking advantage of an unfounded EMF dangers theory, pushing the idea their products provide some form of safety, creating an unprovable science behind their products, growing an MLM so fast it balloons the stocks up to sell and possibly leaving a ton of victims in their wake with complete disregard of their safety if EMF is really unsafe.

Dr. George Carlo was a key supporting figure in the whole biopro structure and has left biopro for this very reason of unprovability and safety. he stopped endorsing them because he too no longer believes in their science but did he also know more? Did he know so much he was not wiling to go down that road with them? After reading his "Open Letter" to biopro executives and consultants at SafeWireless.org you can make up your own mind. You can make up your mind as to the validity of biopro's products, the science, why Carlo left and why this MLM company exists. Moreover, you can also make up your mind as to why Ray Grimm, Alfred Hanser and all the executive staff at biopro would take on so much risk to push something unprovable and which may be causing more harm to the consumer.


If biopro can accuse cell phone companies of being "big evil corporations unconcerned for public safety and only for profits", can we not also accuse biopro for the same thing?

Based on our observations of these two men and their actions in business, their words used to recruit distributors, their lack of facts behind their science and all their misleading marketing material; their greater motivation is anything BUT safety from EMF and more for a massively profitable MLM. Without going into the fallacy of their science, this company exposes the truth through their own methods of marketing. Hell, the fact they are only an MLM marketing company and not a science company should be enough. But for those that use their emotions rather than common sense lets try this angle. Biopro exposes their absolute arrogant elitist thinking assuming people will believe anything if its "marketed" right including an unproven science. Point in fact; they go out of their way in recruiting meetings to portray the biopro business as something other than a for profit company. That its some kind of "God send" to help against a "claimed" yet unproven theory of an EMF epidemic. Biopro then, "closes the deal" to use an MLM term, when they market the company on the foundation of "you" getting rich when we all know it is the corporate execs that get rich in any MLM. Ray Grimm and Alfred Hanser and all the others aiding and abetting this crime is absolutely creating this MLM for the sole purpose of massive profits; not for the children as they say and not for the safety of the public as they say. Their profits are for their privileged lifestyles - a level of lifestyle you will never achieve under their Pyramid. Biopro's Big Evil Corporate Profits are for a life style that has awarded them multi millions of dollars, lavish homes in the most exclusive communities and for the CEO a fleet of $250,000 dollar Lamborghini's! These people that demagogue the cell phone industry are the same people that make massive profits doing so.

So is Ray Grimm and his company biopro consciously ignoring their less than honorable facts for their own big profit gains? You would have to agree this is exactly what is happening.

Consider more observations...
- Do you create an unproven science and sell it via an MLM company if EMF is really that dangerous?

- Do you market a product and science without the requirement of proof unless you have massive profits on your mind first and foremost?

- Is there no other reason to prop yourself and your company up evoking phrases like "for the children" and shamelessly "using" personal stories about children from Child Help in your marketing meetings unless you are trying to gain respect from the people you are actively recruiting to buy into your MLM?

- Is there any other reason to display pictures of yourself with celebrities like Evander Holyfield and Bill O'Reilly but for your own vacant selfish attempt to make yourself and your company look reputable?

Once you answer these questions honestly then you will see their is no doubt they discredit themselves, the science and expose their true desire... profits!