Sunday, October 19, 2008


The evils of corruption are not just in Government - there are plenty of private companies that exercises extreme disregard of un-checked and un-questioned power.

We can continue to point our fingers but we should all take a look in the mirror. We have all allowed these devils of money and power get away with it for far too long! We have bought into the ideas of "Government Solutions" as much as we have purchased scam products from companies like biopro whom make outlandish claims of protection from EMF/EMR. You have all seen this before in other MLM's; diet pills, miracle brain power and the rest. Have the courage to admit you were scammed, blow the whistle, vote them out and shut them down!!!

Before we can correct Washington and rid our private sector of companies like biopro, we need to correct ourselves by educating ourselves of the real problem which is our willingness to fall for snake oil. Now is the time to hold ourselves accountable and correct the evils of our society! Again, as we have pointed out over and over on this Blog about biopro; "it does not get more evil than when people like Ray Grimm exploits organizations like Child Help to push an unprovable product for an unsubstantiated claim about EMF/EMR. An obvious scare tactic under the idea of 'saving the children' " - that is just a low and disgusting tactic. This is absolutely the HEIGHT of evil because its rooted in their own greed and selfishness to continue their riches off the backs of the susceptible.

You are being ripped off, fleeced and scammed for THEIR GAINS. There is no differences between biopro and the corruption we are all witnessing in Washington - they make you think your getting a good deal or being protected until you find out when its too late they have scammed you out of your money.


Anonymous said...

Todd Baily, stop running this Web site, and get a fucking real got fired for stealing money from the company.


Again, more proof that biopro is extremely pissed off at these Blogs which are exposing them for the fraud and the type of ruthlessness they exhibit in pushing their scam. We would like to challenge you biopro to put up or shut up instead of making defamatory accusations like this. What kind of company are you? This seems extremely desperate for a company that claims to have the truth on their side about EMF/EMR prevention.

After digging through our emails from more than a year ago, we assume this is the same person whom anonymously contacted us pleading to stop running this Blog. Their plea had to do with biopro accusing them of running this Blog and they would not receive a favorable reference for their next job unless this Blog was removed.

The more we learn about biopro the more it is time for a full and thorough investigation ASAP!

If Todd Baily is reading this Blog please contact us ASAP. We would be happy to represent you FREE OF CHARGE with our Blogs supporting attorney.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to belive, I bought a pendant, and it works well on me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can believe that this company has scam products, will do and say ANYTHING to sell them, are ruthless about how they run their pyramid scheme and how they treat those whom do not believe in there shit whether you a distributor, an employee or just a critical observer. So you "believe" it works... THAT’S NOT PROOF! As a former distributor I “KNOW” 2 things - Ray Grimm really is the GRIMM REAPER and the devil is in the details!

Anonymous said...

Again, it works on me, you are talking shit about Ray Grimm for no reasons..
I think you are a sick and angry man.


There are plenty of reasons to expose Ray Grimm and his shady history of scamming people through bogus dreams of wealth via scam products like body wise, femone and now biopro. Run the numbers and you will see that it is only Ray Grimm, his partner in crime Alfred Hanser and the family that is getting rich. Its a sickness these people have to fill your head with false science, false hope and smile as they take your money. But it is even more sick for you to come on here and defend them.

Anonymous said...

My comment is , that right or wrong about BioPro, yu are as guilty, because you are sensationilising them and nobody knows who you are. You arnt saying much about your own creditentials, but highly critiscising others. Its not professional, so how can you be believed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment, maybe you are the one got fired for stealing money from the Company.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mercola is a FRAUD - STEVIA

Anonymous said...

So you are an "anonymous" person wanting this Blog to disclose their identity. How ironic is that!

If you read this Blog you would understand why this Blog stays anonymous; it is Ray Grimm and Alfred Hanser's tactics in business. Basically, "if you do not agree, even disagree and voice your opinion publicly they will destroy you in order to save their own image". Its as simple as that and you don't have to take my word for it, ask any of the former Doctors that first supported them and all were stabbed in the back when they differed with BIOPRO. Ray Grimm's history is a long history of using, abusing and discarding ANYONE whom stands in his way for money and power.

Also, I agree with a former post that if you are going to come on here and make your own accusations about some former employee, which really is extremely telling and exposing of just what kind of company BIOPRO is, then why don't you show the proof? Like you say, anyone can go online and say anything, right?

Bottom line is this Blog is working or you would not be posting these types of juvenile comments. As a former distributor I can see clearly the tactic this Blog is taking and it is the same angle BIOPRO uses to sell their crap. This Blog is just exposing a "PUBLIC" company. A company that is pushing products that are extremely questionable which leaves the burden of proof in BIOPRO's hands.

Anonymous said...

Ray Grimm's history is a long history of using, abusing and discarding ANYONE whom stands in his way for money and power.
-please prove it to us-
otherwise concentrate on somenthing else

Anonymous said...

I think it is great to see how these elitists at Biopro like to keep posting and tell all of us to prove things when the proof absolutely sits on their door. Hello! Dr. Carlo? Why don't you contact that doctor for starters. Ask him exactly what Biopro did to him or even visit his site and read it for yourself. You keep coming to this Blog and you tell us to "concentrate on something else"? HA-HA! You should take heed to your own suggestions! Seems like you have a lot of wasted time on your hands to keep coming to this Blog and post stupid comments. Seems the info on this Blog must worry you a lot about "something" to be so angry about it. All the people involved in supporting Blogs like this will continue to concentrate on rooting out SCAM ARTISTS LIKE YOU!!! So please, continue to post because you continue to show in your posts the validity behind this Blog and many other Blogs and sites which tell the truth about YOU Biopro!

Anonymous said...

I think its alarming that this company would come onto sites like these and accuse ANYONE for creating these sites "because their angry for getting fired". Even if it is not someone in the company placing messages on these sites it would have taken someone from the company to release such private info to the public and that is unacceptable for any reputable company to do.

I asked around and this person that got fired by the name of Tod was fired over 2 years ago. Seems a stretch to say the IT person is that "angry". I also found out that Lynda Cormier was fired around the same time for having an affair with the company president Alfred Hanser and also around this period of time the controller Cindy left voluntarily "under duress". I know if I were one of these latter two people I would be much more pissed off.

Did Biopro prosecute this IT person? Stealing is a crime of which you of all people should know that Biopro. Please post on your own site the legal documents that prove your claims.

If they are not telling the truth in these sites then why not ignore it? Seems to me the more I read about Biorpo the more it seems like a company to just stay away from for multiple reasons and on many different levels.

wiggy said...

I don't who is writing these blogs and fact could not care less. What people don't undrstand is that people can write anything.

Today, there are hundreds of blogs out there that try to expose even companies like Apple, Toyota, and water companies. Just think of the elections: Palin this and that or Obama was raised by terrorist.

All I'm saying is that it would be more beneficial if the individuals behind this blog polished their credientials. I don't want them to say they are scientist or doctors b/c words are words and agian people can write whatever they want to without any backing.

The last thing: If Biopro was a fraudulent company (not saying if it is or is not) but if it was the company would be shut down. I know you said in some past blogs that governments say they are too busy, but I ask people to call their BBB or the government agencies and complain. I would also ask that more science is done.

Here is something else people can do: Biopro has published the authors of the validation from Columbia, university western ontario, and others. Call them b/c they are teachers and they will talk to you.

Do your research and stop acting like your a big bad American: I've looked at your blogs and all you have done is your words (words are very powerful) to put down everything and all countries but the United States. Take an intercultural communication class and understand that comments you make about other countries is the reason we are hated around the world

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your comments.
I do think that, the responsible for this blog is Tood Baily, a loser that got fired at Biopro.

wiggy said...

Everyone, who supports Biopro in one way or the other. Stop writing comments as this:
Todd Baily, stop running this Web site, and get a fucking real got fired for stealing money from the company.

This doesn't help anyone who believes in the products or Biopro in general and fact fuels Emotionally manufactured fraud.

The Biopro side looks incredible dumbwitted just as this blog when we say things that may or may not have any factual evidence behind it. If you believe it is Todd Baily who is behind this blog, state why and sound professional. Every time someones leaves a comment that is not professional it actually hurts Biopro Consultants more than it helps. Keep this in mind.

**** When stating how you know who is behind this website, DO NOT SAY BECAUSE BIOPRO TOLD YOU, THEY SIMPLY DID NOT. THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW.*****

Please listen to my warning and representative Biopro in a better light,



Anonymous said...

****If Biopro was a Scam it would have been shot off already; Specially after 5 years of business.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is Biopro is a very small company and is also a spec on the radar of the Government. Unfortunately the Gov. can't possible investigate EVERY corrupt company which is why this post has said we need to take these companies into our own hands and NOT support obviously truth challenged, price gouging and corrupt rich elitists like Biopro. This is why I left their distributorship scam; a fraud in itself with Biopro selling the top spot and even GIVING these spots to their most loyal from the FemOne years before Biopro.

Anonymous said...

To Whomever wrote the last post,

I have been with Biopro since its inception. I probably know who you are if you claim to have been with Biopro as long as I have. I want you to name 3 people who were with Femone and now are with Biopro. You probably can't name anyone and there are no leaders in the company who were every with Femone. Femone is a company that Ray started for his kids and sells cosmetics. So, I have no idea what you are talking about but if you decide to go further into detail that would be of great help. Also, there are only two distributors whom are at the level of one star presidential director and no they were not part of femone.

I also don't understand why you think the products are expensive. An ipod which will probably last 3 years is $300, gas is $3 per gallon in california, colorado, and New york if not elsewhere. Things cost a lot these days when you consider your costs. I'm sure their is a markup on the products, but name one company that doesn't markup their products. You probably can't.

Anonymous said...

A small company huh..! 7 different countries, 2 million of dollars per month...!!! I see it ahahahah..

John Wang said...
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Anonymous said...

Whoa!!. I like this blog now. So much news going on about Biopro.

Luckily i didn't buy a pendant. But i do have one which a friend bought for my birthday.

I guess if you're wearing a pendant, it might make you feel better. At least it doesn't make you feel worse. So there is no side affect to wearing a pendant.

But whether it works or not is another story. I don't really care if it works or not...but i will not buy biopro stuff.

Have you heard of "Oora Bio Chip"?
Is it the same thing as biopro?
It uses opals.

Anonymous said...

-Whoa!!. I like this blog now. So much news going on about Biopro-.
aaaahhhhhaaahhhh..What's your point? Did not understand it!!!
P.s. I do have a pendant and, I feel good with it on me.

Anonymous said...


Energy Resonance Technology is a process of beneficial frequences which mitigates the effects of electropollution caused by cell phones and other electronic equipment.

This technology is a viable solution to electromagnetic radiation. It was used by Russian Cosmonauts, and purchased by a company that has infused this energy into all its products. They assert that having the energy outside of the body, and internally (through energy infused foods) that the person will be protected from EMF’s.

Previous attempts by other companies at shielding the EMF’s did not work well. Energy would leak out from the keypad. But this technology tests well for everyone tested, improving their resistance to the radiation when they are using a cell phone, as well as showing increased balance at acupuncture meridians.

The cell phone industry should consider embracing this technology rather than trying to suppress the research indicating cellular damage from cell phones.

-Dr. Xian de Wang-


Something to take notice of before we address some of the posts here:
* In the short time this post has been on our Blog it has received 24+ comments. More comments than any other. Wonder why that is... Also, 1/2 the comments look to be coming directly from biopro. So if what we are posting is not true then why not ignore us?

Now to address some posts...

Some of you people seem to not understand, the burden of proof does NOT sit in our laps. We are not making claims as biopro is - we are disputing them. Besides, even if we were, how could we disprove a theory? It would be the same thing as proving God does or does not exist. That can no more be proven than disproved which ALSO goes for biopro and is our point here. If they can't prove their products work then how can they make the claim they do? All we have done is taken a lesson from biopro's marketing handbook and using their own platform to expose the truth. Irony isn't it!

They are a small company, so small they were kicked off the stock market and pink slipped, read that post on our Blog. Their little 3 or 4 person satellite offices are by NO MEANS an expansive company so saying their in "X" countries doesn't mean anything when you only have a hand full of staff.

The fact that people keep writing about this "former employee fired for stealing" is funny. If it were that person creating this Blog does that make the Blog less legitimate? Does it totally discredit all the information and exposing of this fraudulent company? I think you people at biopro prove this Blog by coming on here and making such lame posts in an attempt to try to discredit this Blog. Keep up the great work biopro!

Anonymous said...

You know what seems sad to me is that Biopro is even accusing a former employee of creating this site; does it really matter that much Biopro? Typing such hateful words against that person seems to lend credibility to the site so maybe I will read more of what this person has to say. After all, if this person did work for Biopro then they would know more about the company we all might need to hear. And then again, why even take the time to respond to the site and stoop to such level? I see personal digs in this site against Biopro but I also always side with an employee because I have seen first hand what large companies do to people. Now stealing money, thats one thing and I agree that Biopro should show the proof, otherwise shut up and leave the little employee's alone. This was also disheartening to read, their comments and this site, just not the impression I got of Biopro and they all seemed extremely nice even on a non-business level but more at a personal level. I also understand that most of that was marking me to join so I take it for what it is. But again, to come on some site and make comments like they have done (and who else would know such private data) just scares me as to how much power companies have today and just how blatantly unconscious they are to abuse that power. I will keep my distance from this company as well as these sites.

Anonymous said...

I bought a pendant a few months ago and it seemed that I noticed quite a difference the first few weeks and now I can take it off for a few days and put it back on for a few days and not notice ANYTHING so I'm not sure whether to send it back for my 90% or not! We are sold on the water though - any comments from anyone on the water?

Biopro Works said...

About the pendant:

I experienced similar results. However, I noticed that after a while my body had gone back into a very lazy and sleep deprived state. I started to notice how I was being affected around the computers after taking the pendant off. I would recommend that you keep the pendant, but most importantly get in touch with the person who sold it to you.

So, Yeah something maybe happening with your Body and the Biofield where it could potentially keep the Biofield strong even though you do take it off for a while. But, keep it on because soon or later your biofield will become weak once again. It happened to me.


If the science can not be proven to be real to the FCC, FDA or any Government regulatory entity and biopro must post a disclaimer as ordered by Federal Law on their site then are their products and self proclaimed science not giving people a false sense of security? Would this not make people feel like they can continue to use their cell phones as much or even more if they think their biopro cell chip is protecting them? Keep in mind the sources at biopro marketing this science idea, not one of them hold an Engineering degree or even close to one and this product is being sold via an MLM. AN MLM PEOPLE! So why should we believe them and their claims about their products and science? We would say you are not only taking a huge financial risk but you may also be taking a larger safety risk and further yet a legal risk!

Ray Grimm is a "veteran" pyramid marketer and that’s all he is. He has surrounded himself with all veteran pyramid marketers. There are no scientists working at biopro or any doctors. If they did have a science background, it could lend some credibility to the creation of and invention of their products. Instead, they have recruited very questionable rouge scientists from inside and outside the US, (mostly outside), that are mainly "wellness" people. In a very lame attempt these wellness people try to lend credibility to this science. No one at biopro is credible or is in ANY position to talk about the science as an expert – ask a “scientific” question and watch them not answer you. So what the hell is this!?

If the science is highly questionable, the validation sources are highly questionable and biopro is definitely questionable... then we can only conclude that biopro has a questionable reason for existence. Lets go back to Ray Grimm's prior endeavors and examine, even his previous companies and involvement was so questionable the San Diego news source wrote about their questionable stocks. After you click the link above, scroll down about 3/4 of the page to the paragraph starting with; "Then there's San Diego's hottest stock, FemOne of Carlsbad." This article makes us think that the opportunists at biopro is taking advantage of an unfounded EMF dangers theory, pushing the idea their products provide some form of safety, creating an unprovable science behind their products, growing an MLM so fast it balloons the stocks up to sell and possibly leaving a ton of victims in their wake with complete disregard of their safety if EMF is really unsafe.

Dr. George Carlo was a key supporting figure in the whole biopro structure and has left biopro for this very reason of unprovability and safety. he stopped endorsing them because he too no longer believes in their science but did he also know more? Did he know so much he was not wiling to go down that road with them? After reading his "Open Letter" to biopro executives and consultants at you can make up your own mind. You can make up your mind as to the validity of biopro's products, the science, why Carlo left and why this MLM company exists. Moreover, you can also make up your mind as to why Ray Grimm, Alfred Hanser and all the executive staff at biopro would take on so much risk to push something unprovable and which may be causing more harm to the consumer.


If biopro can accuse cell phone companies of being "big evil corporations unconcerned for public safety and only for profits", can we not also accuse biopro for the same thing?

Based on our observations of these two men and their actions in business, their words used to recruit distributors, their lack of facts behind their science and all their misleading marketing material; their greater motivation is anything BUT safety from EMF and more for a massively profitable MLM. Without going into the fallacy of their science, this company exposes the truth through their own methods of marketing. Hell, the fact they are only an MLM marketing company and not a science company should be enough. But for those that use their emotions rather than common sense lets try this angle. Biopro exposes their absolute arrogant elitist thinking assuming people will believe anything if its "marketed" right including an unproven science. Point in fact; they go out of their way in recruiting meetings to portray the biopro business as something other than a for profit company. That its some kind of "God send" to help against a "claimed" yet unproven theory of an EMF epidemic. Biopro then, "closes the deal" to use an MLM term, when they market the company on the foundation of "you" getting rich when we all know it is the corporate execs that get rich in any MLM. Ray Grimm and Alfred Hanser and all the others aiding and abetting this crime is absolutely creating this MLM for the sole purpose of massive profits; not for the children as they say and not for the safety of the public as they say. Their profits are for their privileged lifestyles - a level of lifestyle you will never achieve under their Pyramid. Biopro's Big Evil Corporate Profits are for a life style that has awarded them multi millions of dollars, lavish homes in the most exclusive communities and for the CEO a fleet of $250,000 dollar Lamborghini's! These people that demagogue the cell phone industry are the same people that make massive profits doing so.

So is Ray Grimm and his company biopro consciously ignoring their less than honorable facts for their own big profit gains? You would have to agree this is exactly what is happening.

Consider more observations...
- Do you create an unproven science and sell it via an MLM company if EMF is really that dangerous?

- Do you market a product and science without the requirement of proof unless you have massive profits on your mind first and foremost?

- Is there no other reason to prop yourself and your company up evoking phrases like "for the children" and shamelessly "using" personal stories about children from Child Help in your marketing meetings unless you are trying to gain respect from the people you are actively recruiting to buy into your MLM?

- Is there any other reason to display pictures of yourself with celebrities like Evander Holyfield and Bill O'Reilly but for your own vacant selfish attempt to make yourself and your company look reputable?

Once you answer these questions honestly then you will see their is no doubt they discredit themselves, the science and expose their true desire... profits!