Tuesday, November 20, 2007



Again, biopro tops themselves with their latest wiled-eyed scientific stretch of the imagination!
They are really pushing the English language and reality to their limits. If you read their site on “how it works” you can have a good laugh as we did.

They claim the following:
“The process utilizes a one-of-a-kind dual action that synergistically couples the special polymeric composition of MRET and the subtle energy imprinting of ERT

This “electrical” device they claim, “emitting a highly effective noise-field”, is again more bullshit! If you just took a glass of water to their meetings and exposed it to the noise coming out of their mouths you would end up with the same scientific results. This can guarantee you the following benefit; keeping a lot of money in your pocket. People, water is only made of of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. To push the idea that one can change this basic element by adding a "noise-field" to it is again, bullshit!

Are they not using the same technology they claim is hurting us… EMF! You should read about LED here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode. The key sentence in the Wiki is; “An LED is usually a small area source, often with extra optics added to the chip that shapes its radiation pattern.” People, the LED is emitting “radiation” into your water via their "vibrational science" or did they modify the laser pointer to emit MERT. If so, then technically you could just use this product and save yourself from giving biopro tones of money and charge everything you own including yourself!

They are also using a magnet in combination with the LED to "agitate" the water but I would ask, “what about the largest magnet known to man, the Earth!” There is a natural vibration from the Earth; does this not act in the same effect and why not biopro? Would not 30 seconds in the Microwave do the same thing? A microwave is using "vibrational science" that we all know works cause it heats up our food! Why not place your water in a microwave and kill bacteria while "agitating" the water? After all, a microwave is just a very dense concentration of "sound waves".

Are they really SERIOUS with this? They have a few labs look at this product, so they say, but we say; "how can you trust them". As listed on their "research" page, they provide NO results of what these labs find and then list the lab names under the topic "Research". So some bullet pointed lab names are suppose to make us think its been validated? Wow, how arrogant is that!?

If you download their MERT Synopsis PDF document you will see the depth of this companies willingness to go as far as place extremely questionable images, what looks to be staged testing and make all this seem validated. Anyone can draw a fake graph, doctor a photograph and define blood cell images however they want to the untrained public eye.

So this magnetic LED driven sound "thing" sounds a lot like a small version of their copper chamber - a large cooking tub looking chamber connected to a PC's sound card with an unbelievable art structure inside they say is used to "emit sound waves" which "charged" their products in a room at their corporate building. Ask them to show you and they will be happy to show this thing off. Pay attention to the Area 51 styled explanation of how it works and if you are an Engineer that understands it, please post your observations.

Biopro, you have made a great attempt at using made up science and scientific sounding words again, we can give that to you but what you are doing sure as hell "sounds" like a scam. You are some sad sad people.


Anonymous said...

lol i think you have a lot of free time and you proved nothing but having an opinion... electrical polution is an up and coming problem in society and bio pro so far is the only one who is trying to give an anwser.

Anonymous said...

LOL! back at you! As you come on here and waste your own time telling us we are wasting our time...

You must work for biopro since you have time to waste - with all that lack of sales an all - no more fearless leader to lead for you...

Anonymous said...

I agree that "biopro" is a load of shit I've opened one of those i-H2o's up to repair and man was i DISAPPOINTED to find all it is was a "fancy" magnet and led ANY MORON with half a brain could construct one for them selves if they really wanted to waist their time and money

Anonymous said...

The BioPro i-H2O is definitely A load of SHIT I have one open in my workshop and guess what!? Resin and Flashy LED'S Don't do a damn thing to the properties of water at all all it does is make a person feel special about themselves that they have "protected" them-self from the "bad" things in water I say bull shit boil your water to take out impurities instead of getting conned out of your hard earned money and if you're one of those people who just has way too much money from robbing the poor carry on purchasing the product its just the wheel turning for the even richer to rob you of your money

Anonymous said...

Two points:

First, the level of danger posed by electro-magnetic fields has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on whether or not any particular product provides effective defense against that danger.

Second, when it comes to the effectiveness of any product--particularly one claiming medical benefit--the burden of proof is entirely on the seller. The idea that I am duty-bound to presume scientific claims to be true unless I myself could formulate proof against them is ludicrous. The only valid corroboration of any such product's claims would be controlled, double-blind, published, objective, totally independent scientific studies of these products. Instead, I see "white papers" concocted from within, and various people saying "Well it made me feel better" or "You haven't tried it, so how could you know?"

Anonymous said...

thanks for your site, which was one of the top google hits for ih2o which i was looking at as i was going to bid on a used pitcher on ebay, since the retail price for this things is like $900

might as well throw a fridge magnet and an led flashlight into a plastic cup and pour water in it,eh?


If the science can not be proven to be real to the FCC, FDA or any Government regulatory entity and biopro must post a disclaimer as ordered by Federal Law on their site then are their products and self proclaimed science not giving people a false sense of security? Would this not make people feel like they can continue to use their cell phones as much or even more if they think their biopro cell chip is protecting them? Keep in mind the sources at biopro marketing this science idea, not one of them hold an Engineering degree or even close to one and this product is being sold via an MLM. AN MLM PEOPLE! So why should we believe them and their claims about their products and science? We would say you are not only taking a huge financial risk but you may also be taking a larger safety risk and further yet a legal risk!

Ray Grimm is a "veteran" pyramid marketer and that’s all he is. He has surrounded himself with all veteran pyramid marketers. There are no scientists working at biopro or any doctors. If they did have a science background, it could lend some credibility to the creation of and invention of their products. Instead, they have recruited very questionable rouge scientists from inside and outside the US, (mostly outside), that are mainly "wellness" people. In a very lame attempt these wellness people try to lend credibility to this science. No one at biopro is credible or is in ANY position to talk about the science as an expert – ask a “scientific” question and watch them not answer you. So what the hell is this!?

If the science is highly questionable, the validation sources are highly questionable and biopro is definitely questionable... then we can only conclude that biopro has a questionable reason for existence. Lets go back to Ray Grimm's prior endeavors and examine, even his previous companies and involvement was so questionable the San Diego Reader.com news source wrote about their questionable stocks. After you click the link above, scroll down about 3/4 of the page to the paragraph starting with; "Then there's San Diego's hottest stock, FemOne of Carlsbad." This article makes us think that the opportunists at biopro is taking advantage of an unfounded EMF dangers theory, pushing the idea their products provide some form of safety, creating an unprovable science behind their products, growing an MLM so fast it balloons the stocks up to sell and possibly leaving a ton of victims in their wake with complete disregard of their safety if EMF is really unsafe.

Dr. George Carlo was a key supporting figure in the whole biopro structure and has left biopro for this very reason of unprovability and safety. he stopped endorsing them because he too no longer believes in their science but did he also know more? Did he know so much he was not wiling to go down that road with them? After reading his "Open Letter" to biopro executives and consultants at SafeWireless.org you can make up your own mind. You can make up your mind as to the validity of biopro's products, the science, why Carlo left and why this MLM company exists. Moreover, you can also make up your mind as to why Ray Grimm, Alfred Hanser and all the executive staff at biopro would take on so much risk to push something unprovable and which may be causing more harm to the consumer.


If biopro can accuse cell phone companies of being "big evil corporations unconcerned for public safety and only for profits", can we not also accuse biopro for the same thing?

Based on our observations of these two men and their actions in business, their words used to recruit distributors, their lack of facts behind their science and all their misleading marketing material; their greater motivation is anything BUT safety from EMF and more for a massively profitable MLM. Without going into the fallacy of their science, this company exposes the truth through their own methods of marketing. Hell, the fact they are only an MLM marketing company and not a science company should be enough. But for those that use their emotions rather than common sense lets try this angle. Biopro exposes their absolute arrogant elitist thinking assuming people will believe anything if its "marketed" right including an unproven science. Point in fact; they go out of their way in recruiting meetings to portray the biopro business as something other than a for profit company. That its some kind of "God send" to help against a "claimed" yet unproven theory of an EMF epidemic. Biopro then, "closes the deal" to use an MLM term, when they market the company on the foundation of "you" getting rich when we all know it is the corporate execs that get rich in any MLM. Ray Grimm and Alfred Hanser and all the others aiding and abetting this crime is absolutely creating this MLM for the sole purpose of massive profits; not for the children as they say and not for the safety of the public as they say. Their profits are for their privileged lifestyles - a level of lifestyle you will never achieve under their Pyramid. Biopro's Big Evil Corporate Profits are for a life style that has awarded them multi millions of dollars, lavish homes in the most exclusive communities and for the CEO a fleet of $250,000 dollar Lamborghini's! These people that demagogue the cell phone industry are the same people that make massive profits doing so.

So is Ray Grimm and his company biopro consciously ignoring their less than honorable facts for their own big profit gains? You would have to agree this is exactly what is happening.

Consider more observations...
- Do you create an unproven science and sell it via an MLM company if EMF is really that dangerous?

- Do you market a product and science without the requirement of proof unless you have massive profits on your mind first and foremost?

- Is there no other reason to prop yourself and your company up evoking phrases like "for the children" and shamelessly "using" personal stories about children from Child Help in your marketing meetings unless you are trying to gain respect from the people you are actively recruiting to buy into your MLM?

- Is there any other reason to display pictures of yourself with celebrities like Evander Holyfield and Bill O'Reilly but for your own vacant selfish attempt to make yourself and your company look reputable?

Once you answer these questions honestly then you will see their is no doubt they discredit themselves, the science and expose their true desire... profits!