Sunday, November 11, 2007


At the top of the biopro product line, the biolife pendant scam.

As you can see from the image, the biolife pendant is a great looking piece of jewelery and that's about it. It is what's inside and the "purpose" that makes this one of the worlds largest scams and fraudulent products ever!

What is inside is:
- Thin circuit board
- Printed copper
- Completely unexplainable design!

It is just outrageous what biopro claims this product can do once assembled and "charged" with their crazy machine with ERT (energy resonance technology). It is outrageous to claim this thing they call a "chip" retains anything that can help protect you from EMF.

First, you have to believe EMF is that dangerous when all of the "credible" evidence is in vast contrast to biopro's claims.

Second, this pendant is "passive", there is no source for storage. You can't store anything in a "design"! There is just no possible way this "design" has the capability to "store" anything, not some made up "energy" which defies all known physics! Even if you connected a positive and negative electrical wire to this layout to make it a non-passive object, you would still get nothing in result! It is not a "chip" in the sense we all think a chip is. A computer chip when electrically controlled has the ability to process frequencies becasue of its physical properties and a POWER SOURCE but it has to have electrical currents! This thing just takes the Ones with many zeros behind it right out of your pocket. This copper printed board could not even be used as a source of receptive or transmitting of Ones and Zeros since it has no means to be controlled. To say this design can hold an "energy" is just beyond all logic, science and only emits blasphemy!

The public demands to know biopro! Someone from biopro please comment to this post, provide proof to the world how it is possible to charge this so called chip. How can you charge through a thick stainless steel housing and the thick plastic/epoxy face? Show proof of exactly how this thing holds an energy and show proof of this "energy"!

If you can not answer or show "verifiable" proof of such a basic question for those of us in science that question your technology, then you leave us no choice but to assume you are consciously and actively misleading the public for your own greed and should be prosecuted to repay all those that have fallen victim to your scam!


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you that you are so angry and you clearly do not understand vibrational science. The brainwash and confusion has worked on you well. We have had no way to adapt to damaging, constantly shifting, cell phone radiation and other products obviously giving certain people brain damage!
You are slowing down our evolution with your childish behavior and oozing ignorance. If you have ever sat and had a conversation with Dr. Carlo, you would know he is not a liar and has a true heart. Perhaps it's time to ask yourself, where is your heart at?
Time to have some autonomy and take responsibility for yourself.
I hope you can step out of the blur of the matrix you have succumbed to long enough to see beyond.
This should help you a little:


You “feel” sorry and I am afraid all you do is FEEL or you would be intellectual about this subject.

Vibrational Science!? Come on! Look that up, do some research, it’s a fraud and it is not even a real word!

Then the personal attacks start… “I’m brain washed”, of course I am and you’re just a perfect human being just like the people at biopro that so BRILLIANTLY created the cure to EMF. Is that why they can’t verify their science with the FDA or FCC? Are all the regulatory organizations just morons and only biopro knows the reality? What a joke!

What makes you think EMF is damaging your cells? Some “created” images biopro placed on their site then captured your attention based on emotions about all the money you can make and, oh yes, “save the children”? Grow up and stop making a well known MLM scam artist Ray Grimm rich!

I have sat and had a conversation with Mr. Carlo – he’s a QUACK! He is disgruntled for being fired from his cell phone research because he broke a CONTRACT in his project, not what he says about “finding that cell phones MIGHT”… and I emphasize MIGHT be dangerous. He miraculously found these findings AFTER they canned him. He was just pissed for losing millions of tax free dollars on a dead end research project. Hmmm… no motivation there now is there. Again, WAKE UP and do your own research!

“Take responsibility for myself?” Why don’t you ask biopro to take responsibility for their scam! This is obviously someone from biopro / distributor… and we say to you - F*** YOU!!! You are “aiding” this fraud also known as a partner in crime. Take heed to your own words cause when they come to shut your fraud down, you better have all your science facts in place!

Anonymous said...

My comment is , that right or wrong about BioPro, yu are as guilty, because you are sensationilising them and nobody knows who you are. You arnt saying much about your own creditentials, but highly critiscising others. Its not professional, so how can you be believed.
You should discuss your grievance with the people who have made claims of success, or maybe cures or relief by purchasing their products. Also it would be very helpful instead of critiscising the company but join them and help improve their products....because it looks like to me yu are a man of superb qualities and great knowledge, we have to many people on this stupidbox willing to put down others instead of being willing to offer their expertise and knowledge , wisdom, and understanding. The only people I know that have their own minds and their own selfish ends is politicians and im sure you arnt one of those. Have a second look at yourself then look at the so called people that dont think the same as you and ask yourself are we all on seperate planets or are we rowing all together on this one....if not set a sail and make everyones life a little easier. Have a really nice day...finally learn to relax a little....keep away from that EMF stuff its a hazard to your health...bye now

Biopro claims electro pollution (aka: EMF or EMR) is the most dangerous thing in the 21st century. We say that biopro’s the most bogus & fraudulent MLM in history! said...

Sensationalizing? Is that not what biopro is doing when trying to convince you there is some huge EMF problem? Give us a break!

What you don't understand is the "nature" of these people and specifically Ray Grimm. They are “big business too”, just like the cell phone companies and would not think twice to go after us personally, financially and any means to shut us up. They are known for trying to shut down any negative reporting. Therefore we at BIOPRO IS A SCAM will never reveal our identities so as to protect ourselves. Are you going to blame us for that?

We have deliberately left our credentials limited just as the owners of biopro has done. Biopro hold the burden of proof, you should ask what their credentials are. Ray has only a history of MLM dealing; not very scientific is that? Why MLM? Why not sell this technology to the cell phone companies “behind closed doors”? Isn’t biopro’s intention to “save us all, the CHILDREN from the dangers of EMF”? Then why not strike a secret deal to sell this technology to the phone companies so they may integrate it into our phones? There doesn’t have to be an admittance of the claimed Gov. conspiracy biopro and Mr. Carlo claimed. The reason is obvious; biopro is just in this for money!

Cures!? Now come on, it is against Federal Law for biopro to make such claims. If you have not read their disclaimer, we like to call their "dis-creditor", on the biopro site then read it. This is just another issues we have with biopro, their splitting of hairs to "insinuate" their product cures or stops EMF - all scientifically impossible and beyond logical… just blasphemy!

If you read our blog an take out of it that we are "putting them down" then I would suggest you read it again then reflect on the propaganda you have heard from biopro - compare and contrast. If the truth is negative then so be it. Also look at the propaganda biopro is accusing the cell phone companies and the Federal Government of. I am NO advocate for either but come on, this is a typical politician style propaganda campaign to demonize and legitimize a bogus science for their own ends… raw greed for money. The cell phone companies and the Feds all have children so do you REALLY think they would put their own lives and family at risk if they knew what biopro claims about the "conspiracy"? It only takes one person to leak the truth and there is no one stepping forward from the Government. That is also just too hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

Scammers go to hell, that is my naive belief. So God help us all.

Anonymous said...

I cannot speak about the biopro pendant because I've never had one. I will tell you I used to have a boyfriend 90 minutes away and after long cell phone conversations I would have to get off hte phone cause the phone felt static-y and burning at my head. I knew nothing about biopro at the time. 18 mos ago I saw biopro at a health fair and figured for $25 bucks it wouldn't break me to give it a chance. i taped it to my phone at first - felt a swirling kind of sensation that was weird at first, but I got used to it in a couple of weeks. No big deal, I figured whatever was being emitted by the cell phone chip was probably no better than what was emitted from my phone, so I removed it from my phone. Next long conversation the static-y burning was back and you know what? Surprise - I hadn't realized it actually helped. I put the biopro chip back on my phone and haven't had discomfort since. I dont know how it works. Would try a biopro pendant as a test, but am waiting for a big price drop.


First off your "testimonial", which is all biopro has for scientific proof, is not validation. What you have experienced is a well known phenomena call the placebo effect. Look it up!

As a scientist I have investigated cell phone frequencies. 1st, they are lower and lower and are becoming lower and lower - look it up. Last, the only way to interrupt a cell phone is to use a more powerful signal or use a signal so similar to the cell phones frequency that they cancel each other out hence blocking your signal.

This is NOT rocket science people, do some research on cell phones, their power and the frequencies. Or just ask Dr. Carlo, a doctor whom also thought biopro worked then found out that Ray Grimm was just a crook and these products were bogus.

Anonymous said...

The products may or may not do what they claim. Unbiased scientific research would show one way or the other. Your opinions do not qualify as unbiased research.

The question of EMF's and their effect on health is a completely different matter. There are many independent studies from around the world which show that EMF exposure can contribute to serious health problems. So much research is available that it would be idiotic to argue that negative effects from EMF's are not possible.

You seem very keen on arguing against the unverified claims of the manufacturer. I certainly appreciate your desire for the truth. Sadly your claims come across as being equally as biased and unscientific as those of your opponent. If you want your arguments to be taken seriously it would certainly help to be as informed as possible before engaging.

Many a reality is unfairly dismissed by closed minded conjecture. If we examine modern physics for example, it is perfectly feasible that a new field of science will develop, the study and application of the fundamental vibrations that underlie matter (it may be more correct here to say that an ancient understanding of the causes of physical reality is being validated by the modern scientific method). Whether the manufacturer is working with an understanding of this or is scamming the public is the question here, and I am personally skeptical of their claims. Dismissing an entire field of human inquiry as an argument against them, indicates that you are simply ill informed.

Anonymous said...

...cites many studies about EMF.

Sharon - Texas said...

Initially, I thought there might be something to these chips. As a mother of teens who use cell phones, I have been concerned about the long-term effects of using these devices. I fell prey to the emotional blackmail heaped on me by the Biopro salespersons. I actually signed up as a distributor, but wanted to try the products before making an effort to sell them.

What a waste of time and money. Perhaps Mr. Grimm abandoned ship when he realized that these products Biopro is peddling are costly and absurd. Some might want to paint him as a bad guy or a scam artist, but perhaps his personal integrity is what made him leave this company.

Even intelligent individuals can get sucked into b.s. by seemingly accurate "scientific" claims, as did I, but when that information is proved to be false, then one leaves. Which is what I did.

I could not accept their claims about their extremely expensive "structured water" and doubted the effectiveness of these chips. Dr. Mercola, who was often quoted in Biopro sales calls as if he endorsed the Biopro chips, does not promote those chips. Instead, he recommends not having a cell phone or if one must have one, to use the speakerphone and/or something called ferrite beads. I searched his site and cannot find one reference for using these Biopro chips. Previously, I did read an article in which he was quoted as stating that "polymers" such as the Biopro chips might offer limited if any protection against EMF. I looked for that article, so that I could post the link, but was unable to find it again.

It quickly became clear to me that my upline was only interested in helping distributors who signed up for TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS to get others to do the same. They make their money from products sales, not recruiting, but in order to get the big bucks, they encourage people to purchase packages for $2000. Quite honestly, I do not have that kind of money to spend and I do not know many who do in today's economy.

I told my upline that I do not believe in the products. I was barraged with email touting the new Biopro products, iGlow, some skin care stuff. I responded that I am quite satisfied with my current skin care, thanks so much, and really NOT interested in using or selling ANYTHING that Biopro offers.

This company is all over the place. The "anti radiation" chips, the structured water, and now skin care. I predict a huge failure in their future. And perhaps some attention from the FTC, such as happened to similar companies that came before Biopro.

I have a disability and really need to make money working from home, but I do not want to scam people in order to do so. I truly want to help others with their needs, while also giving myself and others an opportunity to make money. After looking for another opportunity to work from home, I found one. Weight loss products. I learned my lesson with Bipro and have been using these products consistently for the past two weeks, have researched the ingredients, and have made sure that these work the way the company claims. They do. So I will give this a go.

I am just very glad that I did not peddle Biopro's useless products to others.


If the science can not be proven to be real to the FCC, FDA or any Government regulatory entity and biopro must post a disclaimer as ordered by Federal Law on their site then are their products and self proclaimed science not giving people a false sense of security? Would this not make people feel like they can continue to use their cell phones as much or even more if they think their biopro cell chip is protecting them? Keep in mind the sources at biopro marketing this science idea, not one of them hold an Engineering degree or even close to one and this product is being sold via an MLM. AN MLM PEOPLE! So why should we believe them and their claims about their products and science? We would say you are not only taking a huge financial risk but you may also be taking a larger safety risk and further yet a legal risk!

Ray Grimm is a "veteran" pyramid marketer and that’s all he is. He has surrounded himself with all veteran pyramid marketers. There are no scientists working at biopro or any doctors. If they did have a science background, it could lend some credibility to the creation of and invention of their products. Instead, they have recruited very questionable rouge scientists from inside and outside the US, (mostly outside), that are mainly "wellness" people. In a very lame attempt these wellness people try to lend credibility to this science. No one at biopro is credible or is in ANY position to talk about the science as an expert – ask a “scientific” question and watch them not answer you. So what the hell is this!?

If the science is highly questionable, the validation sources are highly questionable and biopro is definitely questionable... then we can only conclude that biopro has a questionable reason for existence. Lets go back to Ray Grimm's prior endeavors and examine, even his previous companies and involvement was so questionable the San Diego news source wrote about their questionable stocks. After you click the link above, scroll down about 3/4 of the page to the paragraph starting with; "Then there's San Diego's hottest stock, FemOne of Carlsbad." This article makes us think that the opportunists at biopro is taking advantage of an unfounded EMF dangers theory, pushing the idea their products provide some form of safety, creating an unprovable science behind their products, growing an MLM so fast it balloons the stocks up to sell and possibly leaving a ton of victims in their wake with complete disregard of their safety if EMF is really unsafe.

Dr. George Carlo was a key supporting figure in the whole biopro structure and has left biopro for this very reason of unprovability and safety. he stopped endorsing them because he too no longer believes in their science but did he also know more? Did he know so much he was not wiling to go down that road with them? After reading his "Open Letter" to biopro executives and consultants at you can make up your own mind. You can make up your mind as to the validity of biopro's products, the science, why Carlo left and why this MLM company exists. Moreover, you can also make up your mind as to why Ray Grimm, Alfred Hanser and all the executive staff at biopro would take on so much risk to push something unprovable and which may be causing more harm to the consumer.


If biopro can accuse cell phone companies of being "big evil corporations unconcerned for public safety and only for profits", can we not also accuse biopro for the same thing?

Based on our observations of these two men and their actions in business, their words used to recruit distributors, their lack of facts behind their science and all their misleading marketing material; their greater motivation is anything BUT safety from EMF and more for a massively profitable MLM. Without going into the fallacy of their science, this company exposes the truth through their own methods of marketing. Hell, the fact they are only an MLM marketing company and not a science company should be enough. But for those that use their emotions rather than common sense lets try this angle. Biopro exposes their absolute arrogant elitist thinking assuming people will believe anything if its "marketed" right including an unproven science. Point in fact; they go out of their way in recruiting meetings to portray the biopro business as something other than a for profit company. That its some kind of "God send" to help against a "claimed" yet unproven theory of an EMF epidemic. Biopro then, "closes the deal" to use an MLM term, when they market the company on the foundation of "you" getting rich when we all know it is the corporate execs that get rich in any MLM. Ray Grimm and Alfred Hanser and all the others aiding and abetting this crime is absolutely creating this MLM for the sole purpose of massive profits; not for the children as they say and not for the safety of the public as they say. Their profits are for their privileged lifestyles - a level of lifestyle you will never achieve under their Pyramid. Biopro's Big Evil Corporate Profits are for a life style that has awarded them multi millions of dollars, lavish homes in the most exclusive communities and for the CEO a fleet of $250,000 dollar Lamborghini's! These people that demagogue the cell phone industry are the same people that make massive profits doing so.

So is Ray Grimm and his company biopro consciously ignoring their less than honorable facts for their own big profit gains? You would have to agree this is exactly what is happening.

Consider more observations...
- Do you create an unproven science and sell it via an MLM company if EMF is really that dangerous?

- Do you market a product and science without the requirement of proof unless you have massive profits on your mind first and foremost?

- Is there no other reason to prop yourself and your company up evoking phrases like "for the children" and shamelessly "using" personal stories about children from Child Help in your marketing meetings unless you are trying to gain respect from the people you are actively recruiting to buy into your MLM?

- Is there any other reason to display pictures of yourself with celebrities like Evander Holyfield and Bill O'Reilly but for your own vacant selfish attempt to make yourself and your company look reputable?

Once you answer these questions honestly then you will see their is no doubt they discredit themselves, the science and expose their true desire... profits!